Grow your company while helping others

Grow your business affordably

Get projects done!

Every business has projects on the back burner due to limited resources or prioritization. GlobalEd's Online Projects can break down that wall and get things done for your business.

Grow your business

Keeping your expenses to a minimum is key to successfully growing your business. GlobalEd's Online Projects are ZERO cost and ALL benefit to help you business remain solvent and grow.

Inspire young professionals

Our Online teams are comprised on university students and young professionals seeking to apply their knowledge and skill sets to real world environments that your business can supply.

Consulting Projects for Companies

GlobalEd's consulting projects are supervised projects designed to benefit companies and the teams that deliver them. GlobalEd's staff utilizes teams of university students and recent graduates with relevant academic disciplines, experience and skill sets to execute each project.  These projects not only benefit you and your company, but also help university students and recent graduates develop the critical skills needed to succeed in today's marketplace.

Examples of Projects

GlobalEd Team projects are business consulting endeavors that requires minimal oversight and time commitment on behalf of the company. A team of 3-5 people will be assigned to a project of your choice with a six-week time frame. An initial interview with the team is required along with a weekly conference call with the team leader and attendance to the final presentation of the project with Q&As upon project submission.

Website Analysis

A team of IT and Marketing students will prepare a 15-20 page Website Analysis and an online presentation walking the company representative through the various aspects of the report. Topics to be covered: overall website health, Google ranking, keyword usage, competitor comparison, and recommendations for increasing visibility.

Business Plan

A 15-20 page Business Plan will be drafted for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are seeking to launch a new product or service but would like an overview of the initiative from our team of consultants. The business plan will include data collected and analyzed, cost analysis, initial investment needed to launch and a 3-year projection.

Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy report will offer an overview of the target market, the company and sector in which it operates. The report will explain the social media tools available, identify which tools are best for reaching the proposed target market, explain which tools are being used effectively and propose a plan for growth. 

CRM Setup

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a platform that is used to manage all aspects of communication with your current and potential customers. CRMs are considered essential tools for today's marketplace. Our team of students will analyze your business and set up a CRM for you using Zoho's CRM, an affordable and feature rich platform.


The Blogging Team will help companies build their presence on the web by producing various articles in accordance with blogging guidelines. Bloggers or Blogging teams will first review what has been done in the past and suggest blogging subjects and keywords which will all form part of the strategic preparation. 

Competition Analysis

As a collaborating company, you will list three main competitors and our team of consultants will analyze the competition from a website, social media and product offering perspective to your company to find the strengths and weaknesses of each concluding with recommendations for improvement.

Propose a Team Project

If you have a specific project that you would like one of our consulting teams to deliver, please contact one of our representatives so we may discuss the project requirements in terms of project scope, time frame and resources needed.

When can I participate?

​January - May

​June - July

​September - November

How to get started in three steps

1. Contact GlobalEd
2. Explore Project Possibilities
3. Execute
1. Contact GlobalEd

Getting started with GlobalEd is extremely easy. We have a simple form that requests basic information on your company, the primary contact, the sector in which you operate and the type of project you are interested in. We will initiate contact with you immediately to complete the vetting process and start phase 2.

2. Explore Project Possibilities

You do NOT need to have a project in mind now. Our purpose is to help you determine the best project for your business. This will require a 30-45 minute conversation to get to know you, your business, the value our project consultants can bring to the table and the types of projects that can benefit your business.

3. Execute

Once we have determined the best project for your business, then we will mutually agree on the time frame for this project and begin promotion. As the applications to participate come in, GlobalEd will keep you informed of our progress and the likelihood of being able to run the project. 

We're helping you move forward

We're creating a huge impact on businesses seeking to grow but have limited resources

I had no idea how beneficial this experience would be for my company. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, our organization has had to rethink our product offering. We reached out to GlobalEd for help in designing a new event, and the research and proposal of GlobalEd's team has been invaluable.


Event Planner


Llevo cinco años con mi ONG y me hacía falta crear nuevas vías de ingresos para poder mantener la solvencia y seguir creciendo. El equipo de consultoría de GlobalEd me ha ayudado crear una estrategia nueva, rediseñar mi página web y montar una platforma de contabilidad.




GlobalEd was really careful about the choice of students for the project. We could not have asked for a better team. Their work was impressive. Looking back at the beginning when we did not know where to start with them, we now feel confident. I will definitely continue and recommend it to my friends. 





Is there really no financial cost to participate?

That's right! GlobalEd's ONLINE INTERNSHIPS create a win-win for students and companies by designing an initiative that helps students satisfy university requirements and prepares them for their careers, while benefiting companies.

What is my time commitment?

All participating companies must assign a company supervisor to meet with the assigned team at least ONCE PER WEEK. The company supervisor CAN meet more frequently, but our minimum requirement is once per week.

If I request a project, will it be guaranteed?
A requested project must first be reviewed, followed up by a conversation to discuss the project goals and requirements.
I have a project that is NOT on your list that I would like to propose.

Great! The list of projects we propose is merely a guideline for companies to follow. If you have your own project, let's talk.

Join a Company Info Session

Join this interactive session and meet our staff to learn about how our programs are benefiting companies both in the US and around the world and how you can play a participatory role.

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