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Discover the benefits of partnering with GlobalEd


Partnering with an experienced team abroad allows you to focus on academic content while we take care of the infrastructure and program delivery.


Our overseas staff are committed to complimenting your programs without breaking the bank. Our goal is to increase value, not operating margin.


Contextualizing all programs with a "real world" perspective via internships, site visits, guest speakers is a great way to make our program practical.

Manage Your Investment

"Use this line to say something about what you do. Add useful information that your visitors may find interesting. Let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless. Get out there and do your thing."

A great team on your side

We are an experienced, multi-national, multi-cultural team of educators who work great with universities seeking to create affordable, engaging and employability enhancing programs.

Student Benefits

By partnering with GlobalEd, your students will benefit from 

  • Affiliate Scholarships - making going abroad much more accessible
  • More face-to-face contact - as we will visit your campus frequently
  • University-Branded Programs - adapting the image, message and protocols to your university
  • First Access to Internship Opportunities 
  • Affordable Faculty-led Programs
  • Access to GlobalEd's Alumni Network (GAiN)


Be sure to download the program materials that are designed to provide a full understanding of GlobalEd's TEAM-BASED INTERNSHIP PROJECTS and our PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS.

Marketing Assistance

To help promote Study Abroad, Faculty-led and Internship programs, will commit to visiting your campus frequently and participate in classroom visits, study abroad fairs, keynote speeches, and individual interviews. 

Will also participate in the design, print and distribution of marketing materials for our joint programs.

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