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GlobalEd alumni belong to a still small but growing community of people who dare to go above and beyond, to step outside their circle of comfort, immerse themselves in another culture, learn a second language and challenge themselves academically, personally and professionally.

the end of your program, is only the beginning of our relationship

We mean it! Staying in touch with our Alumni, watching you grow into professionals and

knowing that we played a part in that growth is our ultimate goal.

Here are different ways in which is maintain contact with our alumni.

Staying in touch

We make a concerted effort to stay in touch with our alumni and try to meet whenever we're in town.

Career advice

Our goal is not only to train you but continue to be a lifelong coach and friend.

Resume review

We have a lot of experience with resumes... Before you switch jobs, let us have a look.

LinkedIn Reviews

Jumpstarting your career and LinkedIn network are major hurdles that we can help with.

Professional Reference

Use us as a professional reference when looking for a job. That's what family is for.

Letter of recommendation

My definition of joy is when our Letters of Recommendation help you get the job.

you can give back too!

We hope you love your experience with GlobalEd and continue to maintain a relationship with us throughout your career. Aside from the continued support we provide ALL of our alumni, we always appreciate your offer to "give back" and share your experience with others.

Here are a few examples of how our Alumni collaborate

Offer to speak with future and current program participants.

Share your story through our website and live interviews.

Leave positive evaluations for GlobalEd on study abroad directories.

Represent GlobalEd at events and study abroad fairs.

Join the GlobalEd family

Once a GlobalEd student successfully completes one of our programs, we consider them part of the GlobalEd Family. This is our way of saying that just because a program has ended does not mean that our relationship has to end. And our goal is to be there for our alumni throughout their career, as a coach, a mentor and even a friend.