2020.08.24 07:58:21


GlobalEd is committed to helping university students and recent graduates develop the confidence and skill sets they need to compete in this fast-paced and ever changing world. While our values and commitment to quality have not changed, we continue to evolve and expand in our university relations, faculty-led programs, study abroad offerings, and internship opportunities.

With all these developments, the timing felt right to give ourselves a well-deserved update, starting with a new logo that we believe more accurately reflects the values that we hold.

As with most creative projects, developing this logo began with a bunch of trial and error. From really busy, complicated designs, to more simplistic, corporate concepts, it took weeks until we finally began to see our new logo taking shape, but once it was finished, we all knew it was the right one. We call that the "Aha" moment.

Even though the organization’s full name is Global Education and Career Development Abroad, most of our students and alumni simply call us "GlobalEd." The word "global" represents our belief that the world could benefit from having a unified base of values.

We separated “Ed" in a different font type and color for easier readability, but also in a typeface that mimicked a signature. Just as a signature is unique to each person, we wanted to emphasize the unique educational experience we offer to each student. Each of our programs is designed with clear learning objectives, but also with a healthy balance of academics, culture, and free time for exploration.

This time around, we decided to focus on the “abroad” part of our name, rather than “programs.” In comparing both words, “programs” felt more restrictive than “abroad,” which is a word more commonly associated with adventure, stepping outside of your circle of comfort, and going beyond what you normally would. While our students enjoy the benefits and comfort of a program, they are still given plenty of opportunities for self-exploration, growth, and maturation that tend to accompany the abroad experience.

Steven Davis discusses the changes we're making, beginning with this new logo.

The colors were another important factor in the logo, and were a main component that remained consistent from old to new. While the exact tones were changed, the more we thought about what they symbolized, the more we knew they needed to stay, especially tied in with the airplane path, representing the journey our students embark upon.

The blue represents the knowledge, wisdom, and trust that make up the student’s educational and emotional foundation, prior to their time abroad. The abroad experience is represented in orange, which communicates enthusiasm, creativity, change, success, balance, and freedom. Together, these two make perfect complements, but without one or the other, the student is nowhere near as well rounded.

We also found that by changing paths, the journey of the airplane found in our logo mirrors the change that many of our students encounter. From going abroad, to coming back home, the students are rarely the same person on both legs of the journey, no matter how long one spends abroad, or what sort of experiences they encounter.

At GlobalEd, we firmly believe that our students are our final product, and that their experiences abroad should be unique, educational, and transformative in more ways than one. We feel that these values are much more clearly represented now, and we hope you like what you see!