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2021.03.30 15:28:53

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Global Education and Career Development Abroad  is proud to host the first of a series of professional interviews that we have created to allow students and young professionals interested in pursuing specific career paths to meet professionals in their sector of interest, grow their network, give advice and answer questions relevant to their academic discipline and career interests. This is a completely free and non-pressure venue designed to prepare students for graduation.

Luis Amezcua, originally from Mexico City (Mexico), spent his childhood on a farm, and then moved to Seattle, WA where he spent most of his teen years and adulthood. He began his career in health care with an entry level position as an emergency medical customer service representative for the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. He soon realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to providing community-based medical services to underserved communities as a leader. This path would require a university degree and specific qualifications within the health care sector known as RHIA. He pursued an undergraduate degree in History, Accounting and Health Informatics from the University of Washington. After 7 years of working in health care administration for the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, he pursued an Executive Master’s Degree Program in Health Care Administration. This qualification led to opportunities to work for the Federal Qualified Health Center as a Revenue Cycle Manager and the Seattle Children's Hospital in health information management. Luis' goal was to become a Director of Revenue Cycle Management which involves having a profound knowledge of finance, accounting, contracts, budgets, leadership along with FACHE certification.

Meet Luis Amezcua, Heath Care Professional

Are you interested in a career in HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION or FINANCE? Join us as we interview Luis Amezcua. Luis has been working for 25 years in the health care sector, acquiring critical qualifications that have helped him climb the ladder from entry level positions to manger. Luis has held leadership roles working for the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, and the Federal Qualified Health Center. Luis will share with you his journey, how the sector has changed over time and what he looks for when hiring recent college graduates. Luis is authentic, personable and loves guiding young professionals interest in this sector. Register now and receive his full bio.

DATE AND TIMES:     Thursday, 1 April 2021

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