Will my medical insurance cover me for COVID-related illnesses?

2021.04.09 17:44:35

Will the medical insurance from my program cover me for COVID-related illnesses?

Let me start by saying that the health and safety of our program participants is our highest priority. As an example, we preemptively canceled all of our programs in 2020 and provided full refunds to our applicants before many of our colleagues in the field when the COVID pandemic began spreading.  I often times tell our program participants that it is only in the face of adversity when the true nature of a person or organization can be seen. I mention this because, GlobalEd Abroad has been working with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for several years to provide health coverage for our overseas program participants.  This organization has always delivered the highest quality services to our program participants and visiting faculty. That are fast. They are thorough.

I have received inquiries from applicants and inquiring students as to how our health coverage address COVID. Here is their response:

"COVID is covered as any other illness, there is no exclusion.  If a member is infected while insured abroad, the policy would cover testing, doctor visits, hospitalization and if deemed medically necessary/fit to fly, medical evacuation.Please note, testing is only covered if the member is sick or showing symptoms. It is not covered for preventative measures such as country entry or school requirement." 

I would like to thank CISI for their continued services, fast responses and excellent coverage. As always.

If anyone would like to speak with a representative from CISI, you may contact them by clicking the button below.*

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