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Company Info Sessions

How can my company benefit from GlobalEd's team projects? How can I adapt my business? I have limited resources and lots of projects... how can GlobalEd help? What types of projects can you do for me?  Among the many reasons why GlobalEd Company Supervisors love their roles:

  • Provide university students with an opportunity to put their studies into practice
  • Increase your human resources without increases your expenses
  • Meet potential hires for the future
  • Get that project on that's been sitting on the back burner done!
  • Expand your business reputation locally
  • Network with local and national business experts
  • Develop remote management skills
  • Invest your time and efforts positively help others



  • What's involved in a team project
  • Why these projects are so beneficial
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Type of Projects
  • What to expect from GlobalEd, your team and what's expected from you
  • Dates
  • Best practices

Take aways

  • Connect with other company supervisors
  • Explore ways to pivot your business at no extra cost
  • Discover more ways to benefit, get involved and even contribute

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Join this interactive session and meet our staff to learn about how our programs are benefiting companies both in the US and around the world and how you can play a participatory role.

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