• Myers Briggs Certified

Myers Briggs Certified: Study Abroad Benefits


GlobalEd’s mission is to help its program participants develop marketable skills and increase their employability for when they set out in their careers. As part of our commitment to this mission and added study abroad benefits, GlobalEd has created a series of professional development sessions designed to empower students using world renowned Myers Briggs training to increase self-awareness, interact more effectively with people from different cultures, work more effectively in teams and to become a more successful leader.

About Myers Briggs

Based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality, described as psychological type, Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs developed the MBTI instrument as a tool which is used by many Fortune 500 companies to develop more productive work teams, helping leaders manage their teams better and improving one’s quality of life both personally and professionally.

GlobalEd uses in-house certified MBTI practitioners to work with students to increase their cognitive awareness of personality type and to help them develop procedural knowledge of how to implement the tool sometimes bathmate throughout their study abroad program and their careers.