Internships abroad

Internships Abroad

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Performing an internship abroad, is guaranteed to become a conversation piece in your next interviews for years to come. Few experiences are capable of having such a profound impact on your employability. Internships abroad provide you with multiple opportunities to grow personally, linguistically, socially, culturally and professionally. And our goal is not only to help facilitate those experiences, but also to learn how to articulate them to your next employer.

make your resume shine


Stop thinking like a student!  You are a young professional, about to launch your career with a solid university degree. All you need now is experience to back that up... the right opportunity to apply your academic discipline, articulate your experience and highlight the skills you've developed along the way. Here's a summary of how young professionals, viewed the benefit of our international internships.

Career preparation

With a GlobalEd internship you will be able to add real world experience to your resume by working with a local company.

Learn a second language

Take Spanish language courses while performing an internship. Each day you will take theory and put it into practice until Spanish becomes a tool.

Receive leadership training

Our internships are accompanied by leadership training, using Myers-Briggs as a tool to increase your self-awareness as well as awareness of those around you

Satisfy university requirements

GlobalEd works with all universities to help students satisfy internship requirements towards their degree.

Become culturally fluent

By immersing yourself in another culture, you will develop the ability to understand cultural values, and appreciate different ways of thinking.

Grow your professional network

At GlobalEd, we don't treat you like students. We treat you like the young professionals you are. We will work with you to grow your professional network and follow you throughout your career.

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what's included

Let's review what you get when you join a Globaled Online Internship:

  • Overseas internships in Seville, Spain
  • Intensive Spanish language training (optional)
  • Guaranteed Internship Offer
  • 120 hour internship related to your Career Path
  • Airport pickup
  • Onsite orientation
  • Apartment or family living
  • Local activities and excursions
  • Myers Briggs leadership training
  • Satisfy your internship hour requirements
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Certificate of Completion

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