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The competitive advantage

FACT: Speaking a second language leads to more job opportunities. Plain and simple. Communication in the workplace is a vital skill, and today more companies consider bilingualism a high priority. Knowing a second language enables you to communicate more effectively in a multicultural work environment, do business with foreign clients and facilitate communication across borders.


what your next employer hears when you say... 
​"i speak spanish"

I can work in multinational teams

I'm empathetic to others points of view

I don't offend easily

I appreciate different cultural values

I can work across borders

I can help with international expansion

I have a heightened awareness of my own culture

How globaled does it...

Cultural orientation

As soon as you arrive, we will provide you with over 20 years of experience and observations to help you get the most out of your time abroad with minimal misinterpretations.

Intensive Spanish courses

Imagine taking intensive conversational Spanish, four hours a day five days a week. Whatever your level we have courses that will adapt to your competency and help take you to the next level.

Host family

One of the options we offer is to live with the host family. These families provide you with a unique opportunity to connect to the local culture, enjoy family made meals and practice the language.

Activities and excursions

Participating in local activities and excursions is a great way to reinforce your understanding of the local culture and the language. Learning Spanish with GlobalEd is an experience.

University courses

If you're interested in receiving college credit to transfer back to your home university, we have options for you to take courses with one of three local universities during a semester or summer.


We can place you in an internship compatible with your language level and career goals so you can apply your knowledge of Spanish professionally.


related programs


Our summer intensive language program is one of our most popular programs. Come, spend a month in Seville, Spain, while living in an apartment, or with a local family, participating in activities and excursions while receiving intensive Spanish language training. With this program, you have the potential to boost your language competency by one, two or even three levels.

Term: Summer          Location: Seville, Spain

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Why not combine your goal to improve your Spanish with an internship? This popular program combines intensive language training with an internship related to your career interests. You can live in an apartment or with a Spanish family, participate in our local activities and excursions, and perform an internship directly related to your career interests.

Term: Summer          Location: Seville, Spain

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Spend a semester in Seville, Spain, while taking university courses (in English or Spanish) that will transfer back to your home university. The extended-stay will give you more opportunity to improve your Spanish, while living in an apartment, or with a local family, participating in activities, and excursions, with plenty of free time to travel independently throughout Europe and even Africa.

Term: Fall, Spring, Yearlong     Location: Seville, Spain

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