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If the programs we promote don't increase the employability of our program participants then we're not doing our job. In the end, the product we are most proud of is YOU the student. That's exactly why we measure our success on the long term success of each student. 

"The GlobalEd staff

does an amazing job of aligning

your interests into the perfect internship experience. Not only am I gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge in the area of marketing, but I am also able to gain valuable connections from across the world in Spain."

Jasmin Alanis

University of Texas at Dallas

Global Business & Marketing

"The Professional Development Seminars do a great job focusing on the critical skills that employers will be seeking by the time I graduate. I feel so much more prepared for graduation now."

Andy Hong
University of Texas at Dallas

"I am gaining leadership skills as a project manager and learning to communicate with the professionals on my team and the company supervisor. I feel that I will be well prepared to graduate after this internship."

Georgina Adjei
University of Texas at Dallas
Business Administration
"As a Global Business major I am performing an online internship for a company exporting gourmet products from Spain to the U.S. This will increase my practical experience and look great on my resume."

Ilyass Woodard
University of Texas at Dallas
Global Business and Marketing

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