• What's Included

    in a GlobalEd program?

What you can expect from a globaled program

GlobalEd offers comprehensive study abroad and internship programs designed to maximize your safety, learning and enjoyment as well as meet the expectations of U.S. sending schools and parents. Whether you sign up for a global seminar, summer, semester or academic year program, you will benefit from a complete range of services including housing options, university enrollment, activities, excursions, medical insurance, onsite staff and more. Below information about studying abroad and what is included:

Academic Support

Our experienced advisers will help you find the right program and choose the right courses to support your academic discipline

Transferable Credit

Making sure the courses you take abroad satisfy requirements towards your university degree are paramount.

Pre-departure Support

Preparing for your time abroad and setting realistic expectations are essential to having a great experience. 

Arrival and Orientation

By pickup you up at the airport and providing a thorough onsite orientation your transition to your new home will be easy.

Cultural Activities & Excursions

Experiencing the local culture through activities and excursions is one of the key components to a cultural immersion experience.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Ensuring that every program participant has full and comprehensive medical insurance gives peace of mind to students and parents.

Centrally Located Housing

Where are you live in relation to other program participants and who you live with are essential to reducing unnecessary stress.

Experienced Onsite Staff

Our qualified and experienced staff are your resource to help contextualize every aspect of your Study Abroad experience.