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GlobalEd’s goal is to help you develop marketable skills related to your academic discipline and to learn how to articulate those skills in an interview and on your resume... ultimately increasing your employability.  Going abroad and performing an internship within your academic discipline provides numerous opportunities for personal, professional and socio-linguistic growth. The support we provide throughout your time abroad will give you the focus and structure needed to to empower your resume and confidence in your interviews for years to come.

Know what skills employers are seeking

Just imagine knowing the skills your next employer is seeking before you next interview!  The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveys hundred of US employers of college graduates every year to determine the top skill sets that are in demand. That's like getting a cheat sheet before an exam! We at GlobalEd review this list every year and incorporate those skills into the learning objectives of our programs.

Learn how to manage expectations 

Ever hear of Myers Briggs? The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the world's most widely used human resource tools among fortune 500 companies. It's a self-reflection tool that helps you understand why people act and think the way they do based on their innate preferences. If you've ever taken the assessment, you probably concluded that is hasn't benefitted you. That because, the knowledge of your MBTI type is only that... information. If used properly, you can convert that knowledge of personality into a tool to help you manage the expectations of those you work with and for.  

View the world through a multi-cultural lens

"Treat others that way you would want to be treated". This seems like a great motto to live by.  Too bad this is probably the main reason we have so many problems in the world. Why? Because it assumes that we all want to be treated the same way. It assumes that we all have the same values. GlobalEd will help you develop a multi-cultural lens which will provide a framework for understanding why people behave the way they do based on their culture... but it will also help you understand why YOU behave the way you do, and how people from other cultures see you.

You are our ultimate product

laura Herrera

University of Texas at Dallas, Marketing

"I can't believe how confident I felt in my last interview. The tools I developed through my experience with GlobalEd really gave me an advantage over other job applicants."