Education requires empathy

If you are looking for a language immersion or teaching experience abroad to confirm your career path interests, while complementing your university degree and boosting your resume then GlobalEd's language and teaching programs in Seville, Spain are a great option. 

Whether you ultimately wish to teach English or content courses, or simply convert your knowledge of Spanish into a tool, our cultural integration programs are designed to heighten your empathy and understanding of cultural values. 


Just imagine going abroad and...

Performing a teaching internship in a local Spanish school 

Work up to 20 hours per week with a Spanish institute participating in different projects while satisfying requirements toward your university degree.

Becoming certified to teach English & teach anywhere in the world

Teaching certification is the goal for anyone wishing to teach a language. Learn about the different types of teaching certificates and choose.

Building up a working knowledge of the Spanish language

Even if you plan to teach English, learning Spanish gives you a perspective on language as well as a degree of empathy necessary to connect with students.

5 WAYS in which learning a second language and teaching abroad are beneficial

Let's explore some of the experiences and benefits of learning a second language.

Presentation and public speaking skills

Both learning a second language and teaching provide you with opportunities to develop public speaking skills.

Learning how to effectively communicate

Learning how to express yourself effectively whether in a classroom or in a foreign language is an essential skills valued by employers.

Increasing your vocabulary

Both language teachers and language learners ultimately increase their vocabulary.

Empathy is key

Whether you plan to teach or speaking a foreign language to people of different cultural values, empathy is an essential skills to tomorrow's leaders.

Understand cultural values

Your language journey abroad with GlobalEd will provide you with opportunities to learn about the cultural values of your host country while also examining your own values.

Here are some related programs


If you're interested in pursuing a career in education, performing an internship abroad is the perfect way to heighten your awareness of cultural values, language instruction and perspectives while immersing yourself in the local culture of Seville, Spain. With over 140 nonprofit organizations in Seville, we look forward to creating a wonderful, relevant and unforgettable community service experience for you.

Term: Summer          Location: Seville, Spain

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Spending a semester abroad while pursuing your passion for education is an amazing way to develop relevant skills that will look great on a resume. An extended stay of a semester opens up more doors to organizations. This beautiful experience is combined with an all inclusive Study Abroad package allowing you to take courses at one of three local universities and transfer credits back home.

Term: Fall, Spring          Location: Seville, Spain

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If you're interested in the business of language and teaching, our online internship program collaborates with language organizations that have transitioned their businesses or develop them with the purpose of being conducted completely online. This is a great opportunity for you to continue to develop skills that complement your university degree while giving you plenty to talk about in your next interview.

Term: All Terms          Location: Online

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Want to create a faculty-led program for health care students?

If you are a university faculty or staff member interested in furthering your career by developing a custom or faculty-led program for your students, GlobalEd is a great onsite partner to help you develop, promote and deliver a customized program. Visit our Custom and Faculty-led Program page for more details and to schedule a meeting.

Term: Varies          Location: Seville, Spain

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