• Credits and Transcripts

Obtaining credit for your experience abroad

Once you have decided that you want to spend an academic term abroad, whether it be a semester, summer, J-term or custom term, you will want to ensure that the credits you receive abroad will transfer back to your home university and satisfy credits towards your degree. It would be a mistake to assume that the credits will automatically transfer without prior approval.

Here are some basic steps for obtaining credit approval:

Choose a program

Get a list of courses you will take abroad or a description of the programs you plan to participate in including program and course descriptions and dates.

Meet with your advisor

Take all the information with you to your meeting with your academic advisor so he/she can best advise you on which classes or programs will be transferrable. 

Go abroad

Once you have taken your courses, the host or credit issuing institution will generate a graded transcript and send it to GlobalEd and then to your home school for processing.


There are a few different ways in which you can receive credit for an internship experience. First of all, there are no standardized criteria for determining the credit worthiness of an internship. In other words, you will need to speak with your university to find out what requirements need to be met in order to receive recognition for the experience.


Some universities require a transcript in order to award credit and some award credit directly.

Job Description

Most universities will want to read through the job description to confirm that the experience is relevant to your major.

Minimum hours

Most universities will require a minimum number of hours to be fulfilled.

Program Duration

The duration of an internship can also be a factor in determining the credit worthiness of an internship abroad.