• The Internship Placement Process


Unlike traditional study abroad programs, GlobalEd's internship matchmaking process is highly personalized and requires a one-on-one interview (with us) prior to initiating the search, finding opportunities and giving you an offer. Let's be clear about one thing... we don't place you in an internship. We match you to opportunities and send you an internship offer based on the information we gather from you through our interview. If you do not accept an offer, any amounts paid toward your program fee will be fully reimbursed.

With GlobalEd you ALWAYS have a choice


Once you apply and are accepted to a GlobalEd program, we schedule a one-on-one interview to review your resume, top goals and your career interests. With that information we build a profile of you which includes your resume and the notes from our conversation.


Once we have your profile defined, we begin searching for companies that may have opportunities that match your academic background, skills sets, language level and career interests. The types of companies and internship opportunities available will vary by destination and term.


An internship offer is given when a company has expressed an interest in the  skill sets and background of the student. And that point you will have 72 hours to consider the position, at which point, you will need to either accept or reject the placement.

What happens when I receive an offer?

After you receive an internship offer we ask that you respond within 72 hours with either questions, an acceptance or rejection of the offer.

 If you accept the offer we secure it right then and there. It's yours.

If you reject an offer, we ask for feedback. Why wasn't it a good fit? That will help us improve your student profile.

We will continue to promote you and send you offers until you accept a position.