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The future of I.T.

The IT field continues to be one of the fast growing career paths worldwide. Even with the pandemic employers have a growing need for workers to have a solid understanding of technology and collaboration software. Technology is making the world smaller and increasingly connected. Taking your degree abroad or working on a online internship are great ways to boost your employability.


Just imagine going abroad and...

Performing an I.T. internship with a local company in Spain

Work up to 20 hours per week with a Spanish company participating in IT projects while satisfying requirements toward your university degree.

Developing marketable skills within your academic discipline

Programming skills are invaluable to an IT degree, but so are people skills and the ability to maneuver through and lead people with diverse backgrounds.

Building up a working knowledge of the Spanish language

Employers seek future leaders with empathy and learning a second language contributes to that. Convert your know of Spanish into a tool, not just a subject.


Let's explore some of the experiences and benefits of taking your elevating your IT degree with GlobalEd.

Work experience relevant to your career path

Confirm the disciplines and function that you would like to specialize in your next application.

Prepares you for your next job interview

Globaled will train you on how to articulate your experience abroad in a way that will appeal to employers using Milestones.

Teamwork and Leaderships

The ability to work in a team setting, whether online or abroad, is essential to your ultimate performance. 

Learn how business is performed in other cultures

Regardless of whether or not your internship is abroad or online, the projects you work on will increase your awareness of how businesses developed in other cultures.

Understand cultural values

Cultural values are key to successfully working with international teams and on projects across borders.

Here are some related programs


Technology and language are a powerful combination. When the short term summer program can have a significant impact on your candidacy for your next job when it combines a work experience relevant to your IT degree and intensive language training so you can convert your knowledge of Spanish into a tool. Take all of that and add on a full study abroad package in Seville, Spain full of activities, excursions, housing options and history. This program is designed to be a major conversation piece in your next interview.

Term: Summer

Location: Seville, Spain

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Spending a semester abroad as an IT major is a great way to solidify your knowledge of culture and language while taking courses at a local host institution towards your degree. Top all of that off with working for a full semester with a local company. Longer-term program such as this one can expose you to larger projects and give you a greater sense of teamwork and accomplishment. This is also a full study abroad package which includes housing options, transferable credits, activities and excursions in the beautiful city of Seville, Spain.

Term: Semester

Location: Seville, Spain

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Online Internship in Information Technology

Ever since the pandemic, businesses have embraced remote work as a necessary alternative to adapt, develop, innovate and continue moving forward. Almost every project we are working on through this program has an IT component that requires your interests and skill set. As we transition back to normalcy, the benefits remote work have proven to be an excellent means to recruit talent with no geographical restrictions. GlobalEd's Online Internship program is a comprehensive training program designed to help you develop marketable skills in remote work while boosting confidence in the implementation of collaboration software.

Term: All terms

Location: Online

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