• Health and Safety


Above all, the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty leaders are our highest priority. For this reason, we have taken strict precautionary measures to design a set of norms and protocols to provide an environment conducive to learning. While safety can never be guaranteed, our goal is to minimize any and all risks that can be avoided.

Safe Location

We carefully choose program locations that we consider safe and conducive to learning. This includes not only program destinations, but also housing along with reliable and accessible transportation to and from school. The locations are always scouted and reviewed thoroughly before being chosen. Safety is one of our main concerns and we always ensure the best possible safety for our students.

Prepared Staff

Our bi-lingual staff have been carefully chosen and trained to provide the maximum level of support to our students and study abroad advisors throughout each session. Such support includes a profound knowledge of the city and culture, 24 hour emergency phone and experience advising students and handling emergencies.

Staying Safe

Confrontations and potentially dangerous situations can usually be avoided easily by exercising basic caution. We provide ample information on the local culture, staying safe within the city and traveling around the country through our pre-departure materials and our onsite orientation which serve to empower students with the necessary knowledge and tools to have a positive, productive and safe study abroad experience.

Travel Warnings

We carefully monitor all travel advisory reports and encourage students to confirm the safety level of any location they plan to visit. As an additional service measure, we ask students to keep us updated on all travel plans via our online travel form providing us international travel routes, dates, travel companions and contact information.

Medical Insurance

In the unfortunate event that a student needs medical attention, all GlobalEd program participants have comprehensive medical coverage during their program. While most medical insurance plans have a reimbursement policy whereby students must pay upfront and are reimbursed later, GlobalEd creates direct links between our medical insurance provider and local clinics minimizing or eliminating any out out-of-pocket expenses.

Emergency Plan

In the unlikely event of an evacuation, we will follow a standard protocol of ensuring the location and well-being of all students, inform study abroad advisors and parents, as well as, U.S. Embassies or local consulates, of their status, and coordinate safe transfer home. Please check our refund policy on the FAQs section of health and safety.

Keeping You Informed

Providing a positive and rewarding study abroad experience is a team effort involving the study abroad advisor and GlobalEd. As a responsible provider to study abroad and internship experiences, we are committed to establishing and maintaining direct lines of communication with university representatives to communicate the status of our programs, programmed events and emergencies.