By - Marina
2022.03.10 10:11:15

As a business or health care professional, sharing your knowledge and expertise can help hundreds of university students, recent graduates and young professionals boost their employability and gain that competitive advantage as they launch their careers.

There are three ways to collaborate with GlobalEd:

  • As an Online Project Supervisor
  • As an Onsite Internship Supervisor
  • As a Guest Speaker

If you are interested in collaborating with Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) as a guest speaker, online project supervisor, or onsite internship supervisor please click the link below.

Our focus has always been to help university students and recent graduates develop marketable skills through the design, promotion and delivery of engaging programs abroad. Now, GlobalEd has transitioned to include internships which continues to support the organization’s commitment to helping students develop marketable skills.

You too can help students gain practical skills by sharing your expertise and knowledge, whether you are a guest speaker, online project supervisor, or onsite supervisor.

Online Project Supervisor
As an online supervisor you will supervise a project and meet with a group of interns 2-3 times a week. You will assist the students in attainment of goals and objectives related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework, provide necessary training, feedback, and monitor progress.

Onsite Internship Supervisor
As an onsite supervisor you will have one or more interns working on a project while ensuring the internship is a meaningful learning experience for the student(s). You will train and provide necessary resources for the position so the intern(s) can complete goals and objectives developed with you. Offer real, meaningful work to the intern(s) that they can showcase in their professional portfolio.

Guest Speaker
As a guest speaker, you will have a unique opportunity to engage with students on an interactive level. You will be conducting a speech on a topic related to your professional background and expertise. You should be as personal as you feel comfortable so students can relate to you.

Click below to collaborate and help us guide students to gain marketable skills to become the future leaders of tomorrow.