• Online Project Management Internship

    Leadership taken to a whole new level

Online Project Management Internship

As an Online Project Management intern, you will be in charge of managing a Team Project. A GlobalEd supervisor will provide leadership training and support to help you effectively define the project responsibilities assigned to you, timeline, selection of team members, division of responsibilities, deliverables and team presentation. This is a truly unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and training to prepare you for management positions as you launch your career.


As a Project Manager you will...

  • be assigned a team project and manage 3-5 people
  • join our program in the Summer, Fall or Spring terms.
  • gain practical experience related to your academic discipline
  • work up to 180 hours for a domestic or international company
  • receive Professional Development Training 
  • receive Task Management Training to lead you team
  • earn possible credit toward your major


Project managers will begin their internship one week before their teams so that they will have enough knowledge of the company, the project, goals, and the tasks required in order to properly manage their teams.

Project Familiarization

Project managers will spend the first week familiarizing themselves with the project and the company they will be working for.

Task Mgt. Training

Understanding how to use task management software is key to properly delegating tasks and measuring the performance of a project.

Project Planning

Project managers will Review the resumes of their team and attempt to delegate responsibilities by experience and skill sets.


GlobalEd Abroad's Professional Development Seminars are interactive presentations and workshops designed to prepare students for the quickly changing requirements of the 21st century. While performing an internship with GlobalEd, students will receive a series of training sessions to build their marketability in the areas of: Team Building, Leadership, Collaborative Tools and Work Experience.

Learn from professionals

Professionals from the business world will be invited to share their knowledge Villa information sessions and workshops

Dominate collaborative software

Having a strong working knowledge of collaborative software I will be a key factor in determining your employability

Work in a team environment

This program is designed to give you team building experience as each member of the team works towards a common goal

Acquire organization skills

As you will learn through our professional development workshops, organization is critical to performing well and meeting expectations

Find a work-life balance

One of our guest speakers will talk about the challenges of finding that work life balance of working remotely

Design a powerful resume

A representative from LinkedIn along with a team of consultants will share with you the strategy to a powerful resume

Host a webinar

By the end of this project your team will host a webinar for the project that your team has worked on

Learn to articulate your skills

Learn how to articulate your skills in an interview and a resume in a way that will appeal to employers


  • Document personal goals in GlobalEd academic platform
  • Meet individually with your GlobalEd coach to 
  • Meet with your team leader three times per week to discuss project progress and completion
  • Receive individual and team coaching with GlobalEd.
  • Rehearse a webinar and receive practical feedback


A program like this is designed to provide you with so many benefits resulting in an increased candidacy for grad school applications, employability when interviewing, self-confidence, greater network of professionals, etc... Here are just a few of the deliverables you'll walk aways with.

Powerful Resume

Your resume will shine as well as your online presence as you learn to design and articulate your experiences in a way that will appeal to employers.

Opportunity to Receive Academic Credit

GlobalEd's internships meet the requirements of most universities to award credit. If they don't, just consult with us. We'll adapt.

GlobalEd Alumni Network Access

ALL GlobalEd Alumni can form part of a growing community of hundreds of likeminded students and young professionals. 

Letter of Recommendation

Upon successful completion of a GlobalEd program you will receive a detailed letter of recommendation citing observations and accomplishments.


GlobalEd's Online Team Projects are offered throughout the year in accordance with academic calendars. We offer Fall, Spring and two Summer session all for the same price. Check out our dates and apply today!


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*Contact GlobalEd to see if you attend an affiliate university.

2022 Spring (10 weeks)

Application Deadline29 January 2022
Start Date 5 February 2022
End Date 26 April 2022

2022 Summer (6 weeks)

Application Deadline14 May 2022
Start Date 21 May 2022
End Date 8 July 2022

2022 Fall (10 weeks)

Application Deadline3 September 2022
Start Date 10 September 2022
End Date 22 November 2022


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