• Summer Medical Internship Program

    Seville, Spain


If you’re an undergraduate student or recent graduate considering a career in health care, you’re probably looking for ways to boost your candidacy for grad school through a study abroad or internship program. GlobalEd’s Medical Internship Program for Pre-Meds is designed specifically for this purpose. As a pre-med program participant, you will spend four weeks in this summer program acquiring 80 hours of onsite work experience in a local hospital or in a private practice. Aside from all that great work experience, this program includes: a one week intensive 20-hour Spanish language course, apartment or family housing, comprehensive medical insurance, cultural sensitivity orientation, teamwork and leadership training using Myers Briggs, welcome dinner, horse and carriage ride through the city, activities and excursion stipend and a farewell dinner at the end of the program.


  • Live and work in Seville, Spain during the summer term.
  • Participate in a 4 week international summer medical internship performing 80 hours of onsite work.
  • Participate in programmed cultural activities and local excursions 
  • Participate in a one week Intensive Spanish language training session (20 hours) to help you gain the confidence and vocabulary needed to perform in your internship.
  • Receive Professional Development Training to prepare you for your career after graduation.


This program is ideally suited for undergraduate students and recent graduates seeking affordable opportunities to increase their candidacy for post graduate medical degree programs. The marketable experiences from this program include: cultural immersion, language learning, hands-on exposure to a professional medical environment, witnessing surgeries and births, learning the difference between the U.S. and local health care system, leadership training, etc... Many of our past program participants have stated that their experience abroad with GlobalEd's medical internship program had a profound impact on their med school applications.


Seville, Spain

Seville is the artistic, cultural and financial capital of Southern Spain. The city is renowned for its warm climate and friendly culture, making it an ideal setting for language learning, cultural integration and professional development. A stroll through the city’s winding cobblestone streets reveals a wide array of bustling sidewalk cafes and tapas bars, spontaneous flamenco performances and an active nightlife. Internationally known for the grandeur of its Easter Week processions and April Fair, Seville offers a variety of rich cultural experiences set against historical Roman, Muslim, and Jewish influence.


As a program participant you will have different housing options to choose from to match your lifestyle. Students may live in self-catered apartments or upgrade to live with a Spanish family and receive three meals per day. Most students will live within close proximity to each other and within walking distance to their Spanish language class. 


Seville, Spain will quickly become your home away from home and you will soon get acquainted with the pace and lifestyle of the locals. You'll be dining out until late, exposing yourself to the local cuisine, learning how to dance the Sevillana and making friends from all over the world. 


    The calendar of activities will be posted at the beginning of each term. Activities will vary depending on the time of year.

    • Horse & Carriage
    • Walking Tour
    • Tapas Night Out
    • Movie Night
    • River Kayak or Bike Tour
    • Language Exchange Partner  


    Join us on our programmed excursions to the beautiful cities of Córdoba and Cádiz. 

    Popular destinations include:

    • Gibraltar
    • Lagos, Portugal
    • Morocco
    • Italica
    • Granada


Global Education and Career Development Abroad 

Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd) has been functioning since 2009 as an educational institution with a special focus on the development of skill sets within the academic discipline of our program participants. GlobalEd designs Career Path Programs by combining the study abroad experience with language learning, leadership training and internships. We offer credit and non-credit options to cater to both undergraduate students and recent graduates.

Program Name
2021 Summer Internship in Seville, Spain
 Application Deadline1 May 2021 
Arrival Date 1 July  2021
Departure Date30 July 2021
 Program Fee$3,950 

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